If you are like me, then I know you want to …


  • Create an online business – infused with your fantastic vibe
  • Give your family the best globe trotting lifestyle you can imagine
  • &  all while looking feeling 20 years young – Confidently Radiating your Beauty.


………  So what is stopping you?

When you work with me …


  • I’ll show you how to get in touch with your intuition so you know immediately what decision is the right one to make in an instant. No more scrambling and indecision.
  • Learn how to get your needs met without depending on someone else – you don’t have time or energy to waste.
  • You get access to tools & techniques I’ve accumulated over my 25+ years of practicing spirituality.
  • I’ll share with you how to integrate spirituality into your Life & Business – this isn’t about adding more to your schedule, I’ll show you how to weave it in.
  • You’ll have a safe space to grow, blossom, & nurture your spirit (no judgment here, just real discussion).

By the time our work is done you will…


  • Have a clear vision of the life you want to lead
  • A solid understanding of your superpower strengths
  • A heads up on the obstacles that you’ll conquer along the way.
  • You’ll have a rock-hard compass from your deep understanding of your values.
  • The BEST part is that you’ll have a support network of spiritual tools, techniques and your Inner Wisdom all right there by your side ready to create, and express, your spiritual brand through your life and biz.

As we work together, I’ll encourage you to..


  • Be honest with yourself.  Go in deep. I want you to get real with every feeling and reasoning that you have. Ultimately, this will be your guiding compass.
  • Get help by professionals if this work brings up bits of unresolved trauma, that’s part of self-care and self-love.
  • Schedule time in your calendar. Clear some time each day for you to practice and just BE with yourself to infuse spiritual self-care practices.
  • Show compassion for yourself. Don’t expect yourself to move faster than what is reasonable. I have a saying, meet yourself where you are at.
  • Follow-through and take consistent actions.