Like most people, my life has not been easy.

But whose has?

Abused, abandoned and making a lot of wrong choices with the wrong crowd.. I finally got real with myself and I went to see a therapist where I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I didn’t know what that meant, and I certainly didn’t know how to fix this ‘thing’ that I was diagnosed with. So, I went back into my life put all my focus on my children.  That’s what we do when we don’t know how to fix something. We avoid it and move to something we know we are good at and can handle a bit more easily.  But, even so… it wasn’t easy being a single mom of 4 children at such a young age in poverty, especially when my youngest son was diagnosed with Autism.

I leaned heavily on my spirituality. It became my best friend.. the only friend at times in my life. I thought this is the way I ‘heal’ myself.

I did all the healing spiritual ‘stuff’.

I meditated.

I burnt candles.

I did affirmations.

I balanced my chakras.

I read tarot and psychically connected to spiritual beings.

I was spiritual.   Yet… I wasn’t ‘healed’.

Then I became a workaholic. I made more money and paid my bills.. yet I wasn’t ‘healed’.

Next I became an advocate for my son. His autism was a battle I took on.  He would get the best services and supports I could find. And so I did.

Even though life is better for him..  I wasn’t ‘healed’.

I designed tarot decks and was a pro reader and practicing spirituality for many many years… yet I still managed to walk into abusive relationships. My physical health was deteriorating because of the high level of stress I lived in. Life was better, but I wasn’t ‘healed’.


I seemed to manifest anything from cars, to opportunities, to people, to situations that my family needed in order to live the way we wanted.

A good friend of mine pointed out to me one day that I manifest anything I ever need. She called me the Master Manifest-er. She suggested that I begin taking notes and helping the rest of the world

So I paid attention and that’s when I changed my story.

I wanted to finally get over my Complex PTSD. I no longer wanted to ‘cope’.  No program existed to treat the PTSD.  So I wrote a grant proposal and in a few months I was sitting in a treatment program that lasted a year. I have now overcome PTSD.

I wanted my son to live a life full of his potential that reaches the goals he has for himself. In doing so, I was able to help him move to another city and live a better quality of life. While he hasn’t reached his dream, he is well planted on that path.

I wanted a better income and I have managed to increase my income by more than 30% each year.

I wanted to live in better physical health and I was just told a couple of weeks ago that I have improved health issues that were present just 4 years ago.

This list could go on and on..

But what did I learned by all of this?


We do not need healed.   We need to Be Our Self !


Living in complete alignment with who I truly am is exactly how I changed my story.

I stopped allowing limitations be excuses or things to heal and I began to look at barriers as opportunities to embrace life differently.

In pulling myself into alignment, I made waves that helped shape and inspire other positive changes in the world.

In doing that.. I have become a Leader.

I was invited to speak and train in my community.

I have written articles and books.

I have learned that spirituality is a way of understanding our life.

Spiritual tools are not for someone to tell us what direction to go, but for us to hear how our spirit speaks to us.

Spirituality is a way of understanding how our messages are vibrating through our world and how our world reflects those back.

Spirituality is the expression of our truest core  carried through whomever we meet along the way.

Spirituality is learning who we are by understanding our values, morals, beliefs, needs, obstacles and strengths.

Spirituality is not a way to heal us, but the way we align our spirit to our chosen lifestyle.

Spirituality is our brand that speaks the language to whom belongs in our circle.

I learned that we all have stories and we can choose to make those stories our excuses or make them the waves we ride in order to lead and inspire positive change.

I learned that we have a choice.. but my life didn’t change until I did something about it!

I believe in making waves not excuses.

I believe in knowing who I am and being that person.

I believe life can be exactly all that we want it to be.

I believe our purpose is in living our life and then sharing our story.

I believe that my purpose is listening, sharing and being who I am so I can help you do the same.


Here’s a few things about me you should probably know ……



What I was before I realized that being a doormat doesn’t get you anywhere in life. Now I’m nice and adorably cute but honest, blunt and tell it like it is. If you are looking for someone to nod yes and make you feel all good and bubbly inside while ignoring all the obvious ways that you are standing in your own way and preventing yourself from being the best that you can be. Forget it! That’s not me. I’m going to tell you.  I will, however, tell you in the most tactful and nicest way that I know possible.. but you WILL be told! 🙂



I like to think I’m creative, other people have told me it borders insanity. Whatever! Thinking out of the box with a snowball affect seems to be my specialty. If only someone would let me sit around and just think shit up, I’d be happier than a tax free lottery ticket winner. Okay, maybe not. But, what’s going for me, is that I AM sitting around all day letting my creative mind play all day. Between blogs, books, programs and art.. it’s like I’m living in a playground.



I like to teach simple methods to deep ideas so that anyone can understand a concept and implement it easily. In real terms?  I like to create simple techniques to allow the everyday person to learn what it takes to achieve what they never thought possible. With the exception of understanding the deep workings of man, that and the edge of outer space are still mysteries, but I’m working on it!


Raw Foodist – Wanna Be

I can’t believe that me, the once tea drinking by the gallon (per day) loving pizza eating junk food junkie eats nearly all vegetables now.  Hey, I still like seafood, but there is something fabulously wonderful about really tasting food. I mean TASTING food and never worrying about eating too much, rather worrying about if I’m eating enough! Green Goodness Juice anyone?


Yoga – Hater

Well, up until I found the DDP yoga and  Oh come on, you didn’t think it was boring and incredibly mentally painful to be that mindfully numb?  I was so bored that I found it difficult to ever get through a session. Here’s a quick plug.. DDP yoga is engaging and fun enough that I can’t wait to do it again. I’m just hoping the weight falls off of me like it did Arthur. 😉