I honestly can’t count how many times that I sat with a client and I was asked, “but I don’t like my life, I want to change it.”  But in the very next breath they would say, ” I’m not changing anything about my life.”

Have you ever felt this way?

Change is a hard thing to do, but when life isn’t working for us.. we have to make that change.

There’s a quote that I say often, and have said for many many years…

…  ‘ If you don’t like it, help to change it. If you aren’t willing to help, then don’t bitch about it.’

But what’s the hard part of change?   Honestly, isn’t it the anxiety about the fear of the unknown?  Is it about not knowing how to quit something when you are so familiar with what to expect from it?

Here’s a few easy tips to move past this fear and into the first steps of change in any situation.

#1.  Move your fear out of the emotions and begin to work within the physical or mental planes.  This can be done by either taking a walk, working out, doing yoga, meditating, or doing some paperwork or research.

#2   Do the Research anyway!  Get as many facts and information as you possibly can. Having information will open options for you. When you have options, you will feel in control of the situation. One of the most significant factors in avoiding change is the feeling that you are not in control of the situation. When you aren’t in control, who knows what could happen?  Right?  So do yourself a HUGE favor and do some research both on and offline.

#3  Ask Questions about anything you feel anxiety around.  There is no question that is too stupid to ask!  Seriously!  But having those answers will quickly put choices back into your life.

#4 Give yourself permission to let go.   If you are having a hard time moving forward, meditate on the why.  Sometimes it is because we truly love and want an aspect of what we know we need to change.  You may have to give yourself permission to let go and permission to embrace the change.  You can do this through meditation, affirmation or even a ritual to absolve an attachment.

#5  Take control over the change by being a part of a vision, goal setting and an action plan.

#6  Practice Self-Care on all levels (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental).

#7  Celebrate the change.  Once you are on the path of the new change.. celebrate!